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From Tampa Toddler to Playboy Princess: Jenn Sterger
What does it take to be discovered by Playboy and Maxim? For Jenn Sterger, it took tickets to a college football game, a little luck and girl-next-door look.

Jennifer Lynette Sterger started out like many other young ladies in the US - two loving parents, a little sister and an uneventful childhood in and out of Florida. Born in Miami on November 29, 1983, her family moved a few times during her early childhood before settling down in the Tampa area.

She was a member of the National Honor Society and maintained a GPA of 5.0 in high school. Though she played piano early in life, in middle school she took up playing the flute and excelled. Her extracurricular sport of choice? Bowling; she's got the plaques and trophies to prove it. And even though she has always been small in stature (even fully grown she's only 5'3"), she did earn her way to the top of the marching band as drum major in high school.

It was at the drum major podium that Jenn's love of football began. Commanding the band her high school games, rooting on the Gaither Cowboys and feeling the energy of the crowd is what gave birth to her football craze. The love of the game continued after graduation when Miss Sterger began attending the University of Southern Florida. She started working as a nanny and at a sunglass shop while attending USF.

After two years at the Tampa school, Sterger transferred to Florida State University, in Tallahassee. While the move was originally because of a boyfriend, she found their criminology and psychology programs to be superb. She continues to attend FSU studying criminology and psychology, still working part time as a nanny and rooting for the FSU football team, the Seminoles. She would have remained an unknown college student had she not taken to attending football games in little more than team-spirited shirts.

One game Jenn attended was a college football match-up masterpiece - Labor Day, Monday Night football game between two of the nation's fiercest rivalries - Miami vs. Florida State. The Seminoles beat out their long-time adversary, scoring 10 points to the Hurricane's 7. Though no one realized it at the time, it would turn out to be one of the most important days in Jenn's life as well.

Brent Musberger, the sportscaster summarizing the game, saw her in the stands during the game and made a haphazard comment about her attractiveness. "15,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next semester."

While FSU didn't see a huge jump in registrations, Facebook, a web portal that publishes photos of college co-eds, did see an increase in one particular picture.that beauty from the FSU game. Before long, her bikini-clad photo from Facebook made its way to the editors of Playboy and Maxim magazines.

Within nine months of that fateful September game, Sterger has appeared in spreads for both magazine giants. She has embraced her fame but hasn't let it go to her head. She still regularly attends FSU games and maintains a full time student schedule. After graduation in Spring 2007, she plans on continuing to law school.

Rumor has it that her beverage of choice is a mint chocolate chip martini but on a Spring Break blog she admits to partaking of "mucho tequila". This brown eyed, brown haired girl-next-door shares the same dream man as many other women - the unattainable Brad Pitt. Jenn Sterger - football fanatic and lovely looking lass.

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Jenn Sterger Latest News:

Know About Jenn Sterger

Jennís Sterger is out of Sports Illustrated following her dismissal from her job by the organization. But all the same, Sterger is not the kind who wallows in her miseries but on the contrary; she will stop at nothing to make sure that she gets what she wants. Sources have it that she has been furiously engaging in various auditions for different shows in pursuit of her luck. Since she left Sports Illustrated, Jenn Sterger has not had any sport involvement despite the fact it had been her passion since she was a little girl. Thanks to her pictures of nudity in Playboy, at least she still entertains the crowd. This gives her pleasure and satisfaction.

As Jenn turns twenty five, grey hair is sighted in her hair and as it appears no amount of hair coloration can help keep it off. The once majestic and famous Florida State cowgirl is finally getting old as per the sources say it. But all the same Jenn is said to devise some mechanism that will improve the appearance of her hair and resume its usual luster and coal black color.

Jenn resents Erin Andrews as she feels she is a threat to her career thus it would be interesting if both of then were given the chance to tear each other down as cowgirls representing different states.

Jenn Sterger is a unique species of beauty queens who has got brains all right. When it comes to her choice of Mr. Right, Jenn is very particular and there are a couple of characteristics that do not please her. For one, Jenn will not go for mama boys. She also does not like guys with no brains, guys born to rich parents, players or those guys who seems to have so much in their minds to make a rational decision.

Want to Get Inside Jenn's Head?

In addition to being absolutely beautiful, after working for the past year as one of the Jets' main media personalities, Jenn has proved that she is an intelligent and hardworking woman who is more than just a pretty face. Because of this, people have begun to take an interest in her that goes beyond her physical features (although that is still a great bonus for us all).

Since I know that you're curious to know more about Jenn, I thought I would share some of the best tidbits of information that she gave out about herself during a recent interview. One of the first things Jenn got asked was how did sports become such a major part of her life. She said that ever since she was a little girl, her parents were both passionate about sports (her Mom was an athlete and her Dad was a major fan). Jenn said that even though she didn't play many sports until later in life, she always loved being a fan.

When asked about her sports allegiances, she said that she will always be loyal to the teams from Florida, such as the Seminoles and the Rays.

And, to wrap things up, Jenn said that even though New Jersey was a big transition from Florida, she has adjusted pretty well, and she's definitely happy with the way her life is going right now.

Jenn Sterger is Teaming Up with the Jets

If you are a Jets fan, you were probably extremely excited when you heard the news that they had signed legendary quarterback Brett Favre. For the price of twelve million dollars, the Jets were able to successfully add an extremely powerful player to their arsenal (who is now being referred to as "Jet Favre"). However, "Jet Favre" is not the only addition that the Jets made to their organization. Towards the beginning of August, the Jets also announced that Jenn Sterger will now be a member of the Jets organization.

So, since she's not going to be running plays out on the field or calling plays from the sideline, what role is Jenn filing for the Jets? She has been given the position of working as the Jets official game day host. This role will require her to host a segment before the Jets games, interview different celebrities, perform various segments during halftime, and of course, dress in Jets gear that will men's eyes locked directly on her!

Since Jenn is a girl from the South, making the transition to the big city life that New York offers will be a major change for her. However, Jenn has confidently stated that she plans on fully embracing her role as a New Yorker. To top things off, Jenn had already been to several Jets home games over the last couple of years, so she should have no problem fitting right into her new position.

Jenn Sterger Dishes Erin Andrews

Although most people know Jenn Sterger for being one of the FSU Cowgirls that has appeared in quite a few major men's magazines as a model, Jenn is also a journalist and reporter. Sterger has worked as a journalist or reporter for Sports Illustrated, Sprint, ABC and NFL GridIron Gab.

Because of her involvement in the world of sports, Sterger recently went on ESPN Radio 1470. As she was talking, she took several jabs at Erin Andrews. In case you don't recognize that name, Andrews is one of the most successful female sports reporters.

In addition to calling her early tapes "the most dreadful stuff you've ever seen in your life," Jenn also said that people who compare her to Erin can "suck it." During the course of her interview, Sterger also addressed Jill Arrington, Derek Jeter and an upcoming movie she is involved with.

Two days after her interview on ESPN Radio 1470, Sterger felt it was necessary to clarify her comments. She talked to the guys of the OnTheDL podcast to set the record straight. In addition to saying that she has a lot of respect for Erin Andrews, she said that people like controversy and "theyíre going to try to take things out of context." Jenn stated she made her original comments because "itís so frustrating because people will continually compare us because she is the most notable sportscaster that initially found celebrity because of her looks."

Jenn Sterger says it all

Jennifer Lynette Sterger, the Miami beauty who accidentally led to an internet craze because of her remarkable performance at one Florida State University, the girl who is widely recognized as the “facebook princess” recently revealed almost everything about her personal life such as her getting at FSU, how the whole internet craze started etc.

In an interview conducted by the Across the the 24 year old beauty told about the commencement and authenticity of the Florida State Cowgirls that “It all started at the Miami/FSU game this past September. Some drunken idiot spilled beer on my shirt while I was in the village (a place we all tailgate), and I was like… fu*k it! I just threw on my bathing suit top, and took one for the team ;) . I was not about to miss this game.

Some amazing cameramen and the sports commentator Brent Musburger from ABC turned what could've been a two second crowd shot into a "THREE REASONS TO COME TO FLORIDA STATE" recruitment video. He said something to the effect of, “15,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next semester.”

The pictures from the game spread through the message boards like crazy. Something I thought had lasted two seconds, was more like four quarters. I began posting on the main message board that had my pictures, and they dubbed me- ‘The Cowgirl.’

The FSU cowgirls weren't plural until the second game. There are 7 different cowgirls: Myself, Chrystal, Fabi, Danae, Jessica, Morgan, and Sakina. Each brings something different to the mix and I love them all for it. Danae, Fabi, and I made the actual debut, and subsequent girls followed (usually the ones that weren't hung over from the night before.)

Of course there are other people who have made all of this possible, and as much as I would like to thank them, I choose to keep their identity a secret ;) they know who they are.

When the Across the interviewer asked about how does she feel after receiving immense attention from and, Jennifer said “I don't mind the messages at all. Sometimes they get a little monotonous, and repetitive, I mean, how many times can u quote anchorman? “I am so happy your office smells of rich mahogany and that you have many leather bound books...” and that you want to ‘be on me’…but come on. ;) I'm a movie fanatic…so I expect a broader range of quotes. The messages that usually get a response are the ones that catch my eye, or revel something deeper about the person that wrote them. I like the ones that actually take time to read my profile…because every bit of it is true.

As for the hate mail… its not nearly as often as the rest, but you will get an occasional ‘go kill yourself’, or ‘you are ugly.’ To them, I say take your ball and go home. No one wants to play with you, and block them out. I don't have time to deal with haters, life is too short, why waste it on people that don't really matter?

Jenn Sterger is back!!

If we have missed mentioning this before, we do it now – Jenn Sterger is the most sought after face on the popular community; she herself is an active member. there. Jenn is a unique phenomenon whose popularity has been built on the exposure she has gained on the internet on sites such as She is also the face that moved Brent Musberger to state that “15,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next semester.” Yeah, that’s surely entered the broadcasters’ hall of famous quotes.

Jenn traces her awesome body and looks to her East European genes; she is of Czech and Yugoslav blood and her hometown girl image to her upbringing. Jenn is savvy enough to tap into the power of the internet and her sites and are pretty well-maintained with regular updates, juicy pics, merchandise to sell and what have you.

Jenn is honest enough to own up that her boobies are fake. ( Not that her legions of fans seem to mind. They are more taken in by her in-your-face sauciness and her pert looks. Last heard she was studying to become a lawyer and is majoring in psychology and criminology.

Jenn Sterger needs real friends

Our cowgirl Jenn apparently values the good olí virtues such as true friendship. She can be seen here Lamenting the need for true friends in her life and how she wishes to stay away from those who talk behind her back. Well, I too love to talk behind her back and about her back, but mostly complimentary stuff and the main reason is that this all-American beauty appears to be quite grounded. After a dream break when a 2 second exposure on national television catapulted her to the pages of Playboy and Maxim, Jenn Sterger has managed to keep the tempo going and is today one of the most googled babes around. She calls herself brutally honest and a no B.S girl on her blog and we are ready to go by her own assessment. If her entries are not being ghosted our Jenn is a mean wordsmith who knows what she is talking about. 


Jennifer Sterger looking for likeminded Cowgirls

A lot has been happening with our feisty cheerleader who made it BIG. Jennyís fans can ogle at her at their own leisure; she has added four new never before seen galleries to her site. Checking out these never seen before pics seems just the thing to do on a lazy afternoon when momís taking a siesta. This pretty bod has a shrewd brain running the show, Jennifer has partnered some local firms for creating unique merchandize that her fans can purchase. The items, which are handy gift ideas, include mousepads, posters, T-shirts, etc all with our girl Jen featuring somewhere on them. Finally, female college students who think they have the cowgirl spirit in them can send their pics and bio to Jenny and if they pass muster they could end up being featured on It seems like a great opportunity for future models to try and break into the hallowed world of print and TV modeling. So, gals only serious aspirants need apply.

Jennifer Sterger loses a wager

Jennifer Sterger, the Florida beauty of Czech and Yugoslav ancestry, has stated that she regrets betting against Chuck Amato and his boys. This self-confessed sports freak and journalist had a not-very-happy Thursday night as she watched the Noles lose and in the process she lost a wager with her friends. This die-hard Noles supporter had bet on her team winning. She mentions that she ended up in Gainesville at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium because of losing the wager. However, much as her friends tried to get her to wear orange and blue and do the "Gator Growl", she did not budge. Instead she turned up in all black - in proper mourning. She found her spirits lifted though with the comedy act of Gabriel Iglesias, who she thought looked cute in his Hawaiian shirt. Gabriel's take on college night life and his expertise with mimicking sounds pleased Ms Sterger.

Another thing that found favor with our Jenny was the warmth and respect shown to Quarterback Chris Leak who she considers to be an out and out team man. The way in which the players managed to get the crowd behind them in their rendition of "We Are the Boys from Old Florida" found favor with the Maxim babe. 

Jennifer on her type of man - part 1

This FSU babe and self-confessed sports fan sure knows her mind when it comes to men. She is not afraid to speak out her mind on what her "Mr. Right" should not be like. Her list of no-no's includes the following and probably disqualifies half of the eligible American men and almost all Indians.

Mama's boys: Apparently, her top dislike in the list. Jennifer cannot stand guys who still need permission from their moms to stay out late.

The lookers with no brains: According to Jennifer, these types are best viewed like a Britney Spears video - with the mute on.

The down and outs - Only in their minds though, the guys who wallow in self pity and incredibly find dates to give them solace.

The hoity-toity one - Born to rich parents and full of themselves.

The nutcase - A date with this guy will expose you to your darkest fears even if you don't have any. The neurotics are just an advanced version of her first peeve, the mama's boys.

The serial daters: Likening them to an opinion (everyone has one, get it), she says that these types are suave and evil and so smart that they can carry on for a lifetime flitting from one girl to another.

This girl is a beauty with brains alright. I mean we all cheer our favorite teams and we love their mascots; but what if the real versions of the mascots turn up. Would you have the desire to get photographed with a diamondback around your neck or perhaps astride a Bengal Tiger? Getting photographed clutching a bolt of lightening is not only impossible but also a very real hazard to your life. Our girl did spend some quality time with live mascots though - Devil Rays. They are the Tampa Bay MLBaseball mascots and Jennifer discovered them to be a very friendly lot more interested in fish than in the game.